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Buy and sell at Oldtimerpalace / Classic Car Palace the online website for classic cars, historical motorcycles, young classic cars and it spare parts or tools for free charge if you are a private seller..

Oldtimerpalace / Classic Car Palace is the main sales gate in the net for your classic car or sport car. We also welcome all old and used cars, trucks and tools. Oldtimerpalace / Classic Car Palace is located in Germany but the website is used all over the world.

Sell a Classic Car or spare parts

Buy a Classic Car or spare parts

The makes of car are a registered trade mark of the single manufacturers

Sell not only simply your Classic Car - present it! Informative pictures are very important for a sales success!

Problem with uploading your fotos?
Use our free service: Send us your fotos (max. 15 pics) as an attachment to Team - with pleasure we will put your pics for you afterwards.

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With Oldtimerpalace you can begin free searching missions. You automatically receive the results by eMail.more

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Some words in our own right:

Oldtimerpalace / Classic Car Palace is not a classic car dealer. Oldtimerpalace / Classic Car Palace is a main entrance which everyone can use to sell or to buy a classic car . No fees or costs attack it.

Important information:
Currently, some customer get an email which look like the example below. Please do not reply to such offers, it is certainly a dubious offer, and your money is lost!
Hello, Thanks for the mail,i have contact my client in dublin in ireland ,about it and the price he told me that every thing is ok for him,but the payment will come to you by cheque in excess ok,so when you received the cheque from the post man,you will deduct you asking from the payment ok,so you will transfer the remaining money to the shipping company ok,so the shipping company can come for the pick up ok,i want you to send your information ,name,phone number and your address so,you can receive the cheque from the post man ok. Regards

We have to inform you:


Current news of Oldtimerpalace:

A winning team !

Oldtimerpalace and AutoClassic (a big german magazine) had entered into a partnership. Not competing but complementary - please continue to work with us on this new path.

Dear Advertiser, you should submit offers to advertise your car even with xyz, or "here I have sold my car offers ..." etc., we would be very grateful if you would forward this request to us webmaster@oldtimerpalace.com

Private offers are free - try Oldtimerpalace.com and let us convince you!

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