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To advertise at Oldtimerpalace, you need to register once. You can then register online at any time thereafter with your own user name and password. This is necessary so that you can access your online listings, you can modify if necessary, extend or delete them.

The registration is free!

How to become a registered user of Oldtimerplace:
  1. Click in the main menu on "LOGIN" and fill the registration form.
  2. All orange coloured titles are required fields and must be filled.

  3. Choose any user name.
    Your password should be at least 3 and not more than 10 characters long.
  4. Click on "Register".
  5. You are now registered at Oldtimerpalace and are now in your personal menu.
    You do not need to register again at Oldtimerpalace. At your next visit to Oldtimerpalace you need only your username and password, which you have just selected in the registration.

We guarantee that your information will be not made available to any third party, but are used only for Oldtimerpalace!

If you are already a registered user at Oldtimerpalace, you can log in using your username and password that you provided during registration. If you haved login you have access to your advertisements and data and you can change and edit them.

You log in this way:

  1. Click on the main menu item "LOGIN".
  2. In the right box, enter your username and password.
  3. Click on "Log in".

Please do not forget to log off before ending the visit on Oldtimerpalace! Click on "Logoff". When you log off to ensure that, for example, from your computer, no other person secretly gives access via your user name. Should you suspect that your account has been misused or if there is any external, please inform us immediately. We will help you of course immediately!

Password forgotten?

No problem if you forget your password. With the help of your user name with which you have registered on Oldtimerpalace once, you can have your password send via email.
  1. Click on the main menu item "LOGIN".
  2. Enter your username and choose "Password forgotten?".
  3. Click on "Send password".

Your password will be automatically sent to your email address you gave when you registered on Oldtimerpalace once.

For your security we recommend, that you
change your password then.

If you have forgotten your username, please write to us via our contact form , we will help you.

At Oldtimerpalace your data are in safe hands!We guarantee that your information will be not made available to any third party, but are used only for Oldtimerpalace. In your advertisements is by default, only your phone number (s), depending on whether and how many have you specified. Interested parties can contact you.But you have the option to hide this information by selecting at advertising the Chiffre-Function! In this case, a prospective customer can tell you about vintage Palace send an inquiry via email. (More Info)

Your email address, we generally do not appear at Oldtimerpalace or distributed! An annoying and among other things, prohibited advertising generated (spam) is thus excluded. Inquiries from interested parties via eMail will be directly forwarded to you.

 YOUR MENU Contents
In your personal menu as a registered user overview and access to your advertised vehicles at Oldtimerpalace.

Please log in with your user name and password at Oldtimerpalace with the item "LOGIN". You are in your menu (main menu item "your menu").

You have several menu options:

(Click on a menu item).

In the table right in your menu, you will receive information about how many vehicles you have advertised, how much have you saved searches and set up search requests and the number of listings that are in your personal garage.

These menu items will be listed your listings. Lets you clearly know the current status of the listing ID, the number of hits (requests) to your listing, as well as the date when your ad expires.

The symbol means, that have placed your ad at the front page. The Symbol means, that you selected the Chiffre-Modus for this advertisement.

Note: Move your mouse over other icons in the list to receive information about its meaning.

You can always renew your listing for free online, change or delete.
Log in with your user name and password at Oldtimerpalace using "LOGIN". You are in your menu and see a listing of your advertised vehicles.

Extend Advertisement:
To keep up to date the database of vintage Palace, listings are alive for a limited period. This term may be renewed as often as you, so your vehicle as long as you want to advertise at Oldtimerpalace.
Time before the so-called end of a listing you will receive via email information about it. You can renew your listing. If you have sold your vehicle, you can delete your listing, please, so you do not have to disappoint your prospects. If you do nothing, your listing at the end automatically deleted and is no more visible in Oldtimerpalace.

Extend an ad this way:

  1. Click on your menu on "extend advertisement".

Change an ad this way:

  1. Click on "Change advertisement".
    It appears that advertisement form with your vehicle data.

  2. Change the data (More Information: Change extras, Change pictures)
    Note: The brand is not changeable!

  3. Click on "save changes"
    (or on "Cancel")

Delete an ad this way:

  1. Click on the trash container (), to delete your advertisement permanently!

In your menu you have the opportunity to change your data at Oldtimerpalace. You need to sign in as a registered user, so you can access your personal menu.

Click then on "change personal data".

Now change the data or may add additional phone numbers or contact information (fax numbers, accessibility). This information will be shown in your ad, to give interested parties the opportunity to get in contact with you.

When you finished changing your data click on "save".

You can change your personal password with the menu item "Change password".
Instead, please enter your old password and new password twice beacause of security reasons.
Then click on "save".
You will receive a confirmation mail from Oldtimerpalace.

If you finished your visitation at Oldtimerpalace, please "Logoff".
Logging off helps to protect against that get other people from your computer may access your username.

Should you suspect that your account has been misused or if there is any external, please inform us immediately. We will help you of course immediately!

If you have no unpaid bills or open advertisements , we can delete your user account.

Therefore please log in with your log in data and write us via our contact form As subject please use "Please delte my account". You will receive a confirmation mail from us.