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 Advertising Contents
At Oldtimerpalace you advertise vehicles fastly. To change, extend or delete , you need to once for free register (more Info about Register?).

Advertise a vehicle this way:
  1. Click on main menu item "Advertise".
    Choose the category, you want to advertise in. (More Info about categories?)

  2. If you already are an registered user of Oldtimerpalace please log in with your username and password.
    If you are not registered yet, fill the register form and click on "register".

  3. You can now enter all the information about your vehicle in the advertisement form.
    All fields marked with red titles are required.

    Hinweise about picture at the right side:
    1. Type the Model manual choose it from the list of already advertised models. Therefore click on "from list" (Point 1 in the picture). More Info?
    2. Extras & Equipment are chooseable from the special list. Click on "add" (Point 2). If any feature on our list is not available you can enter it in the field "other notes".
    3. You can download many pictures. Therefore click on "add pictures" (Point 3). More Info about picture upload?

  4. After you have entered the dates of your vehicle, click "Forward" (Point 4).

  5. If all data are entered correctly, you will see your advertisement boxes view (see picture). If you want to change more, click on "back".You can also change your ad at any time for free at change.
    Note: Please DO NOT use the back button of your internet browser, which could potentially lead to errors!

  6. If your advertisement should be place on the front page of Oldtimerpalace, choose at point 6 (see picture) the period; or choose "non" instead. (more Info?)

  7. At point 9 (see picture) you can enter a recommendation number and activate the Chiffre-Function for this ad.

  8. To save the ad, click on "save ad". (Point 10)

More Information: Extend, change, delete an advertisement

The following categories are available:
  • CARS
    Example: BMW Z3, Seat Ibiza, Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse, VW Multivan etc.

    Example: Fiat Ducato, VW California, Hymer Eriba etc.

    Beispiele: VW LT, MAN Pritsche, Iveco Magirus etc.

    Beispiele: Yamaha MBK, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson etc.

Within a category vehicles are divided into categories. Categories characterize the bodywork of a vehicle.

  • Categories Cars:
    Convertible / roadster, sedan, station wagon, SUV, van, trailer, vintage cars etc.

  • Categories Motohomes:
    Pickup camper, caravan, vans, etc.

  • Categories Commercial vehicles:
    Trailers, truck trailers, loaders, etc.

  • Categories Motorcycle:
    Chopper, Enduro, Mofa, Racing etc.

Note: You can change the category at any time.

The Model list of Oldtimerpalace does not include all existing models, but just the titles of the models, which was advertised yet. This has several advantages. You need to go through, for example, not long lists until you find your model (in the time you had your model probably already entered on the keyboard). The basic purpose of this list is that you can take into account certain basic terms. Access to this list both to interested parties at the vehicle search as well as providers in the Ad.

To choose a model click on it. 

The desired name is not in place? 
Then the model was specifically not advertised at Oldtimerpalace yet. Close the window in this case, the model list and specify if required (at Ad) in any case the name manually in the field "Model title". 

Oldtimerpalace offers a special list of extras and special features for your vehicle. Advertise your car when you do not therefore need all the input from your keyboard, a simple click on the appropriate extras is enough.
  1. Click in the advertisement form on "add".

  2. If you have selected your extras click "save". The window closes automatically.

  3. Your newly selected features are listed directly in the advertisement form (see picture). 

  4. You can delete individual by selecting the appropriate entry with the left mouse button and click "delete marked extras".

If in the list your equipment is missing, please write it in the box " Notes".

Your listing can include multiple pictures of the vehicle and are changeable or deleteable at any time.
  1. Click on in the advertisement form (see also Advertise vehicles, change)
    It opens the upload window.

  2. Click on "browse" (see picture point 1).
    It opens a file selection window on your screen.

  3. Select the image file from your hard drive on your computer and click on the file selection window to "open".
    The file selection window will close automatically and the file path to your image is transferred to the upload window of Oldtimerpalace.
    (If you add several different images, repeat this step in each separate upload gray box.)

    Note: A picture may be of JPG or PNG format and the file size must not exceed 500 kilobytes.

  4. Click on "send pictures" (Point 2). Your pictures will be transferred!
    (Please be patient. The transmission speed per frame is dependent on your modem or your Internet connection and the size of your image.)

  5. Ready!
    To delete an image, click on the trash .
    To change an image, perform the steps 2 to 4 at the picture you want to change.

Close the window with "close".

You do not have the opportunity to digitize pictures from your car? We're here to help! 
Send us your pictures in the mail after you have inserted and send us your listing, to ID. We will digitize your images for free and then quickly add your listing.
Please understand that we have time constraints and cost considerations will not be able to return your pictures. Our address can be found under the main menu item "INFO".

Wichtiger Hinweis: 
Please note that only original photos of your vehicle and add the property rights (copyrights) to the images that you add your listing must possess!
Oldtimerpalace has the right to delete such illegal images.

Ads with pictures are usually more interesting to searchers, since they can directly see the advertised vehicle!
Reduce your picture at home on the dimensions of 640 x 480 pixels in JPG format with 80% quality. This increases the transmission speed when upload your images 

In the field "Notes" in the advertisement form you can describe your car (such defects, or other indications Tools & equipment, which could not be found in the selection of Oldtimerpalace.)You can use 500 Characters.

Wichtige Hinweise:
Please do not write all the extras into your vehicle, there is a specific list Extras & equipment. (More Info?).
Oldtimerpalace reserves the right to delete notes, which includes invalid oder illegal content.

You can place your vehicle right on the front page (page) of Oldtimerpalace next to a maximum of 3 other advertisements. Each visitor of Oldtimerpalace is immediately seeing and can click. On each call changes the position of your listing so that each vehicle is displayed larger turns (see picture).

By increasing the placement of your vehicle on the front of the chance that your listing will be even more interested and will possibly sell faster!

The front page option can directly be selected at advertising or later in your personal menu at any time.

If the front is fully occupied at the time, you have had the opportunity to possibly bring on a waiting list. Once a place is free and your listing the next waiting, it is automatically put on the front page. They are also automatically notified by email.

Wichtiger Hinweis:
Please note that use of the front pages, the standard cost of this option in principle, be immediately due, even if your listing is on the waiting list and sell your car as before, delete or fail to renew your listing to. You can not reimburse costs!

Your entered phone numbers are schown in single view by default, so anyone interested has the opportunity to contact you. Your email address remains invisible in this view, however, to stop annoying junk mail (spam). Interested parties have the opportunity to work with you via your telephone number or by sending an inquire to your email address.

Would you not want your phone numbers are displayed directly in your listing, so check directly with the cipher Advertise function! 
It is then only your name, your zip code and see where you live, so the interested has at least the opportunity to see your location. In this case, the customer can only contact you online on a inquiry. If you have an incorrect email address you've entered, you can not receive inquiries from interested parties. Make sure, therefore, the correct input!

You can find our GTC at the main menu item "INFO".

At Oldtimerpalace you have the following payment opportunities:
  • Transfer
    You transfer within the specified on the invoice business days after the use of chargeable services to Oldtimerpalace (for example, the front-side option) the amount due on our account stating your listing ID and your name. The necessary information our bank account will be delivered directly at advertise or on your bill. Our bank can also be found in our legal notice.
    Once the amount is credited to our account, you can take the service on offer.
  • Debit
    Cooming soon.
  • Paypal
    Cooming soon.
  • Credit card
    Cooming soon.

  • Choose your Extras and equipments from the Oldtimerpalace list. If a interested searches for special extras, advertisements can only be found which have been assigned also on the list,with the extras.
  • Choose at advertising the model list of Oldtimerpalace.
  • Do not advertise for example, a VW Bus California in the Category Cars but in "Caravans".
  • Except for the brand of the vehicle, you can use all the information in your ad online at any time for free.
  • Make pictures of your vehicles and add them to your advertisement. This increases the attractiveness of your listing. To let your pictures digitize click here.
  • You know the performance of your vehicle only in PS and not in KW? Click on "PS to KW". 
  • If you want to advertise an Oldtimer, choose in the category"Oldtimer".