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 PARK Contents
Vehicles you are interested, you can quite easily remember and collect. This is called at Oldtimerpalace "park". You can always get immediate access to parked vehicles to see them in your "garage" clearly sorted, so you can compare, print, send an all-request to all providers and save a not for each parked vehicle!

To park a vehicle click in the advertisement on park(see picture). The vehicle is then driven into your personal "garage", which you can access in the menu at "GARAGE".

The price of the vehicle is saved at the time of parking. Modifies a provider of the listing price, you will be told in your garage if the vehicle became more expensive or cheaper.

If you want to remove a vehicle from your garage, click "park out".

Note: For the full functionality of the car park you need to enable cookies in your Internet browser. Otherwise parked listings expire when you close the internet window. More Info?
Parked listings in search hits are marked with .
Your first 5 parked vehicles will be listed in the vertical menu on the right of the screen. You can access them by clicking directly on it.

With Oldtimerpalace compare vehicles!
Therefor click in the single view on "compare". The vehicle is then driven automatically into your personal "garage". You can also compare parked ads, just click in your garage on .

You can compare uo to 4 vehicles from the same category. Switch between categories with "Compare lists" (see picture). To remove a vehicle from the comparison, click in the comparison on "delete" or "park out", to remove it completely from the garage.

All or certain providers of vehicles that you have stored in your personal garage, you can send in a few steps of an inquiry. Click on the menu item "Multiple inquiry" in your garage. It lists all the cars in the parking garage located by them. Just check the listings, the advertiser will receive your request. Each selected vendor will now receive a separate request the same from you.

Note: We guarantee that your information will be used exclusively for sending the request to inform the recipient about the sender.

A search operation is another extension of your search, and automatically performs the vintage Palace conveniently sends you the search results via email. Searchrequest are free and can be daily, every 3 days or will be executed once a week. Listings that match your search criteria and were re-advertised since the last automatic execution of the search order has been (or such changes in the price) will be clearly listed in an email and sent to you. Thus, you never miss a new and interesting to you listing from Oldtimerpalace!

How easy and quickly you can set up search requests, seehere.

Do you often use the same criteria for Oldtimerpalace? You do not want to constantly re-enter your search criteria? Saving your search is easy!
You can run a saved search at any time with just one click, or to automate search task.

You save a search this way:
  1. Click on "SEARCH" and enter your criteria in the search form. (Info about SEARCH?)
  2. Click on the orange colored "SEARCH" under the gray search form to execute the search as usual.
  3. The search results are presented to you now. Now click the Save menu item placed right above the "Search" or "Save this search". (Even if no results are found, you can save your search!)
  4. Your search is now saved and can be at your next visit to Oldtimerpalace will be called up again. How? Read on.

Perform saved searches:

  • In the vertical bar on the right there is the point called "your searches". There are listed the last two of you saved searches. To perform a search, click on it. (That's it. It's that easy!).
  • Want to see your saved searches, click on the main menu option "Search Services" and then to the submenu "your saved searches.
    Your personal saved searches will now be listed in each individual box. You can run each search separately, load it into the search form, rename, set as the search or delete them.

  • A saved search can be easily made to a search task.
  • For a search, at least one brand and model name must be selected.
  • If you forget your password for login to the search operation, click on "Forgot.".