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 SEARCH Contents
Search a vehicle (Default search)
Search fast, simple and powerful with Oltimerpalace!
  1. Click in the menu on "SEARCH". 
    (Your default in the Category "Cars". Would you like to search for other vehicles, click on the appropriate Category directly at "SEARCH".)

  2. It appears an entry form, in which you can entercertain criteria such as vehicle manufacturers (brand) , first registration, color of vehicle, price range, advertisements just with pictures and so on. It limits your search so that any one or you leave the fields.

  3. Then you click on the orange coloured button "SEARCH" under the entry form. 

  4. It now displays all vehicles that match your specified criteria.

  5. You can now view individual listings , you can change search or save.

The following criteria are available:

  • Brand
  • Modell
    Example: Golf, z3, E-Class oder Corolla)
    Note: If you for example enter "go" , modells such Golf oder Twingo will also be listed.
    You can also choose a title from already listed models. More Info?
  • Category 
    Example: Limousine oder Cabrio etc.
  • Registration, paint color, mileage
  • Performance, price
    It can be left blank even individual fields. If you enter for exapmple in Price from the value of 5000, vehicles from 5000 EUR will be shown.
  • Posted Since
    Exapmle: since 2 Days means, it will be found only in advertisements, which were abandoned in the last 2 days.
  • Search just
    Example: Select Diesel, to search just Diesel vehicles.
  • Postcode 
    Search in specific areas.
    Example: 38440searches in all advertisements with position Wolfsburg 21 searches in all advertisements with position beginning with 21 (eg 21035 Hamburg)
  • Radius 
    Search within a radius around a ZIP code. Enter in the box Postcode a 5-digit zip code one kilometers acknowledged in Radius. Example: Postcode 38440, Radius 150,searches in all advertisements within a radius of 150 km as the crow flies 38440 Wolfsburg. More Info?
In very many search hits, you can use the search control!
With detailed search you can even search multiple brands or extras!
Search task can also be saved or automated (Search task)!

The advanced search works just as easy as default search, but it has more functions and features:
  • Look up at the same time to 10 different vehicle makes and models.
    The following default fields for 2 brand, category and model. Click on "additional selection", if you want to see more than 2 brands.
  • You can pick many colors.
    Press and hold CRTL , while clicking the desired colors with the left mouse button.
  • You can search specifically for certain extras like four-wheel or navigation system.
    Click therefore on "more Extras".

You can search in an area with a particular ZIP code. Enter in the search form at Postcode at least one number.
  • 38440 searches in all advertisements with position Wolfsburg.
  • 21 searches in all advertisements with position beginning with 21 (eg. 21035 Hamburg or 21339 Lüneburg)

You can search within a certain radius around a point. To do this in the search form follow:
  1. Type in the field "Postcode" a 5-digit german postcode.
    This place is at the center, which the radius is defined by.
  2. Type in the field "Radius" a number.
    This number is) the distance in miles (radius) to the specified postal code (center).
    Within that radius to search for advertisements, which (if given your criteria) match.

The distance in miles is not a street away, but the crow flies. It can not be guaranteed 100-percent accuracy. The radius search currently works only with German postal codes.

Your search has many search hits?You want to narrow the search a little further without calling the search form again to do so? You can easily and quickly with the search control!

The search control is located in the vertical menu bar on the right of the screen when a list of your search hits. Here you can change Year, Price or mileage and click on "SEARCH". The changes have a direct impact on your results and also include all other criteria that you had previously defined.

You can sort the matches with the grey filter bar (see picture):
  • by Price
  • by mileage
  • by year
  • by advertised date
  • by radius (at radius search)

By default search hits are sorted by price (cheaper first listing).
The sort you can turn back by clicking directly on the small gray arrow next to the sort form.

There are 3 different views for the list of search hits:
  • in boxes
  • as list
  • as gallery

By default listings are displayed in boxes. You can change the view of the gray filter bar (see picture) at "view".

means, that the advertisement was advertised within the last seven days.

To change the criteria subsequently conducted a search, click on "change search". This returns you to the search form, which already includes your previous search criteria. They thus can easily change the criteria, add or delete. Um die Suche erneut auszuführen, klicken Sie wie bei einer normalen Suche auf den orangefarbigen Knopf auf "SUCHEN" unterhalb des Suchformulars.

Your last search is automatically saved at Oldtimerpalace. You can load it with "Load last search" to edit. You can find "Load last search" directly above the search form.
See also: Save search

You can save a search with "save search". Saved searches is loadable at any time to perform or change or to make it to a search task. (More Info?)

Saved searchesare nice, try them! You can on each visit to Oldtimerpalace immediately click on your own search and get the search results. A re-enter ofe criteria is no longer necessary!

To see all information, click on "view", the picture or the title of the model(see picture). Then all of the specifications, extras and amenities, as well as comments and contact information clearly displayed on the vendor, unless specified by the manufacturer.
You have then the oportunity to print the advertisement, recommend, park (remember) compare or to send the provider an inquiry.

Vorhandene Pictures of a listing you can be in a separate display window, and zoom.
Click at the advertisement on "see pictures" or directly on a picture.
In the list of search hits simply click on the icon .
It opens a separate image display window. To enlarge any of the displayed image, click on the lower right corner of the window, hold down the left mouse button, and thus change the window size. The image adapts accordingly!

Each listing has a unique identification number, consisting of a letter followed by a number (eg W1935). Using this so-called Ad-ID, you can directly call listings. You can also type it the following way: Beispiel: http://www.Oldtimerpalace/w1935
As an advertiser at Oldtimerpalace you can specify for example in newspapers simply the direct Internet address of your listing (see example).

A particular strength of the display of Oldtimerpalace is the site of a car advertised on a map of Germany. Because zip codes and areas are not immediately familiar to all, helps the geographical indication on the map, classified advertisement from the point of view. A dark dot represents one or more listings at this position. Below are the positions of the listings, you might just listed. If you entered a radius,the location will be marked in red color. If you logged in as an registered user , your home is represented by a white circle.
Note: It may happen that some places can be represented, not because of geographical information.

With Single view of an advertisement you can easily print pictures. Click on "print", to print the whole advertisement or on "print gallery", to print all pictures of an ad.

In the single view of a listing, you can send a request to the provider. The form this is directly under the contact address of the provider. To do this, your name and email address or phone number so you can answer the provider if necessary. You can also send the provider if necessary a non-binding quote. Your request will be forwarded directly to the provider.

We guarantee that your information will be used exclusively for sending the request to inform the recipient about the sender.

Click on Copy of this inquiry.... Thus you receive to your email address to commemorate the same message that you send to the provider. When contacted to or from the manufacturer, you can call home so easily back into your correspondence memory.

You want to recommend a vehicle by email? It is very easy to do this at the single view of an ad. Click on "recommend" and enter sender's and receiver's email-addresses. All information about the ad will be sent to the receiver.
We guarantee that your information will be used exclusively for sending the request to inform the recipient about the sender.

To show you how powerful, effective, fast and easy way you can search at Oldtimerpalace, we will give you a few tips and tricks for searching:
  • To search for example for black AND blue cars? Use therefore the detailed search.
  • You want to perform as in a few days the same search again? Save a search ! Then you can perform a search again and again.
  • You are looking for vehicles with less than 75 kW and more? Enter in the field "performance from" 75 and leave out the field "to".
  • You are looking for vehicles with a maximum of 200 kilometers of location away from your residence? Use the radius search!
  • You have too much hits? Limit your search quickly with search control.
  • You search vehicles in the Postcode area 3? Enter in the search form in the field "Postcode" the number 3.
  • You have found a listing for your friend? Recommend it!
  • You still have questions about searching? Write us via our contact form!